How Will The Trump-Era America VISA Rule Change For French & German Citizens?

After President Trump signed a new executive order called the “Extraordinary Visa Lookalike Program”, it has left many French and German citizens wondering how this new change will affect their future travels to the United States. This article breaks down the details of the new changes, what they mean for French and German citizens, and what potential consequences await those who have not applied for and received an ESTA in time before March 31st, 2018. AMERICA VISA FOR FRENCH CITIZENS

How do you qualify for an America Visa?

Under the Trump-Era America VISA Rule, people from certain countries may no longer be able to travel to the U.S. without a visa. This includes citizens of France and Germany, both of which have been designated as “countries of concern” by the Trump administration.

The specifics of the America VISA rule change for French and German citizens are still being determined, but it is likely that applicants will need to demonstrate that they have a good reason to visit the U.S., and that they will not be a burden on American taxpayers. In addition, applicants may need to provide evidence that they are financially stable and do not pose a risk to public safety.

Given these requirements, it is likely that many French and German citizens will find it difficult to qualify for an America VISA under the Trump-Era rule. If you are affected by this change and want to know more about your options, please speak with an immigration attorney who can help you navigate these complicated waters. AMERICA VISA FOR GERMAN CITIZENS

How will the America Visa change?

According to a report from The Guardian, the Trump-Era America Visa rule change will affect citizens of France and Germany. The new rule, which is set to take effect on October 1, will require visa applicants from these two countries to provide more documentation than previously required. This documentation may include proof of financial stability, social security numbers, employment information, and other details about an applicant’s life. Applicants who are unable to provide this documentation may be denied a visa.

This change will likely have a significant impact on the lives of French and German citizens living in the United States. Many of these citizens are employed in high-paying jobs in fields such as finance and engineering; therefore, it will be difficult for them to obtain visas if they are unable to provide adequate documentation. It is possible that many French and German citizens will be forced to return home after being denied a visa or waitlisted for one. This change represents a dramatic alteration in how the United States treats visa applicants from France and Germany; consequently, it is important for people living in these countries to be aware of the new requirements and prepare accordingly.

What is next to come under the America Visa?

The Trump-Era America VISA Rule Change For French & German Citizens


In recent weeks, there has been much talk of the upcoming America visa rule change for French and German citizens. The proposed changes would affect those who are looking to travel to the United States for tourism or business purposes. Those who are affected by this change may need to apply for a new visa if they want to visit the US in the near future.

The new visa rules would require applicants to provide additional information about their finances, employment, and travels outside of Europe. The rule also requires applicants to prove that they will not use the US as a springboard into another country. All of these changes are meant to improve safety and security measures for Americans.

While this change may be difficult for some tourists, it is likely that many Europeans will still want to visit the United States in the future. The new visa rules only apply to a small number of countries, so most visitors should not have any problems getting an American visa under the new rules.

Alternatives to the America Visa

The Trump-Era America VISA Rule Change for French & German Citizens?

Since the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President, many changes have been made to international immigration policy. One such change is a new rule that will require certain foreign nationals seeking entry into the United States on visas to provide additional documentation, such as proof of a valid visa. This change may impact holders of American visas, such as those issued to French and German citizens.

Until now, holders of American visas have been exempt from having to provide additional documentation verifying their visa status. For example, French and German citizens who hold an American tourist visa are not required to obtain a visa extension or travel document in order to enter the United States. However, starting on October 18th, 2017, all foreign nationals seeking entry into the United States on a visa will be required to provide additional documentation verifying their visa status. This includes both tourists and business travelers.

If you are a French or German citizen holding an American tourist visa and you plan on traveling to the U.S., you should consult with an immigration attorney about your specific situation. Depending on what documents you are required to submit, your visit may not be affected by this new rule. However, if you are traveling for work purposes and your employer requires you to obtain a work visa prior to entering the U.S., this change may affect your travel plans. It is important to speak with